For a long time in Nigeria economy has depended on the black gold called oil. This undue dependence on oil has actually rendered the entire economy less productive, impoverished our people, scuttle their ambition and paralyzed their will. The advent of oil boom in Nigeria has actually done more harm than good for our esteem populace. A scenario that has caused our government to abandoned the very course that brought her to limelight in the early days of independence.

The Nigerian economy which largely depend on the revenue from crude oil has witnessed a downward slope culminating into negative development orchestrated by the global economic meltdown and our complete neglect of the sectors that contributes to the advancement of the economy.

Every nation in the world is measured by their ability to provide the basic necessity of life which HOUSING is major for their citizenry. Actual development of a nation is showcased by the type of REAL property that dominate their entire city landscape. It is the property in an environment that defines the land mark of that particular city as well as a measure of value for the state and the Economy.


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