About us

There is no Nation in the world that can be adjudged great without the ability to impart their society by providing major requirement for survival called SHELTER. All over the world, actual development is showcased by the type of REAL PROPERTY that litter the entire city landscape. It is the property in any environment that define the landmark of that particular city or town. It is a measure of value for the state and the economy.

The Nigeria economy has witnessed some remarkable growth in the area of property development in the past ten (10) years. However these gain has not reflected in our attitude and character because the necessary tools to consolidate our gain was lacking in the country. Nigerians travel everywhere in the world, have investment all over and have their hands in several pies.

Due to the experiences that we acquire when we travel abroad, we come back home and decide to copy what we see during our numerous trips abroad without putting in place the enabling environment that will make such venture very successful. Such is the case with the Nigeria Mortgage and Real Estate industry. It is an industry that has the greatest potential in contributing to the national development, but is being truncated by the lack of knowledge and education. 

Suddenly we woke up and realized that the potential of our  Real Estate economy cannot be completed without adequate knowledge, then we started running to the Western world like USA, UK and even our very own neighboring South Africa in order to acquire the basic knowledge require for industry growth. However in today’s economy, it has become very imperative for nations to look inward by developing internal capacity that will be able to stand the test of time and take the country to higher level.

The need to put in place a veritable institution that will guarantee the necessary intensive Capacity Building program that will take our young Real Estate and Mortgage Industry to the enviable standard can therefore not be over emphasized. A serious vacuum created by lack of necessary skills, knowledge and education in this industry has given birth to the first “MORTGAGE & REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE ACADEMY” IN Nigeria.