Availability of affordable properties in Nigeria ans the development of the Real Estate industry, depends on the availabilty of funding or finance for Real Esatate development.

The development of a nation is often measured by the amount and quality of real property in the country.

More often in Commercial Real Estate lending, one lending institution cannot carry the entire funding requirement, they therefore solicit cooperation of one or more lenders to accomplish the project. This scenario is not limited to local finance only, it also involves international finance. Ever heard of Other People’s Money (OPM)? Real Estate Business can also utilize that approach. It takes a little while, consistency and good demand for your business to maximize this means of raising finance. This usually happens during real estate booms or where housing demand far out stripe supply like in the case of Nigeria.


At the end of the Course, participants will have profound knowledge of how Real Estate businesses can get possible financial backups. They will be in a position to advise Clients appropriately about getting finance for their Real Estate Business.

Real Estate Developers, Builders and other practitioners will have array of choices of funding for their project to achieve profitability.


  • Introducing Syndicated option in Real Estate Finance
  • Forms of Syndicated Credit Financing
  • Syndicating Finance Procedures
  • Syndicating Finance Methods
  • Mix-grilled Loan Syndication (Local and Foreign)
  • Stakeholder’s experience in infrastructure/housing Financing

Delivery Methodology

The Course will be delivered through Lectures, case studies, and Syndicate Group discussions.

Who Should Attend

  • Real Estate Investors/ Developers
  • Real Estate Brokerage Firms
  • Primary Mortgage Institutions
  • Financial Institutions
  • Housing Corporations State and Federal

Mode of Assessment for Certification:        100% Attendance

Duration of Course:                                     Three (3) Days Program

Date:                                                             To be determined

Venue of Program / Course:                        Lagos, Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Lagos.

Program / Course Fee:                                 N150,000.00

Program Coordinator:                                  Prince (Dr.) Ade Akinfolurin / Alh Salisu Ibrahim

Telephone Contact:                                       +234 909 539 0986, +234 803 458 1997, +234 909 539 1050


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